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Information Technology can be considered as one of the many fields where excellence and innovation morph into experience, elaboration and credentialed enthusiasm. Certifications are a cinch to achieve, provided you have the right source and understanding regarding your particular choice. For IT professionals, there are tonnes of certification courses available on the internet, but with variations in price, credentials, knowledge and career advancements.

Oracle Linux OCA & OCP

Knowing which one is the best for you can be an ordeal, since not all of us speak information technology in the most cordial of all ways. However, in order to fuel your enthusiasm, there are hundreds of peer-reviewed courses available which can help you wade through to get nearer to the bigger picture. Some courses tend to ask for a lot of time, effort and budget, but in IT, they are all worth it.



Making up for more than 50 percent of the market shares on the web server sides, Linux, even after 21 years of its development, has managed to wow the computing industry with its well-elaborated operating system and distribution. Linux, however, has managed to steer clear of our desktops; it still holds its place within Linux certifications employers, many of whom are always on the lookout for fresh employees in the same criterion.

With Linux-related certifications, many certified engineers and Linux system administrators can earn an average amount of $67,000 to as high as $140,000 according to the kind of certificate, experience and professionalism.

What exactly do I need to do and by when?



Classified amongst Linux’s top certified courses, Oracle has always been a catch among computing distributors and system administrators who tend to look for people who know how manage the complex system. Since its Solaris acquisition in 2010, many people think that the certified courses would focus on the details of both the operating systems. Oracle, however, tends to be true to its acquisition, and focuses on the Linux administrating systems as mentioned in the certifications’ requirements.

OCA – Oracle Certified Associate, and OCP – Oracle Certified Professional involve the understanding and basics of Oracle Linux 5 and 6 System Administrator, and Oracle Linux 6 System Administrator, respectively, through its courses. Unlike OCA which requires no such prerequisites to indulge in the course, OCP requires a previously acquired OCA in order to proceed with the course.

For both the exams, you can study online and take help from peers and forums on the internet. OCA and OCP, comprising of 80 and 97 questions, respectively, have a certain time limit of 150 minutes each during which you can take the exam. Before you spend $245 for each exam, it is highly recommended to enroll yourself in dumps to see where you stand and whether you have made amenable progress to take the actual exams or not.

Train yourself either on the internet or in-class through Oracle’s available sessions, which you can search easily on Amazon and through other sources on the internet, and see the results for yourself. With certified courses, you will be open for a ton of jobs as per your standards, and who knows, you might be able to meet with your desired employer’s requirements as well.