Four of the Best Sites to Search For Scholarships

What is the best site to search for scholarships

The Internet can be a treasure trove of scholarship opportunities, but where do you begin? This article will discuss four of the best sites for finding scholarships. Peterson’s Scholarship Resource boasts a database of $10 billion in scholarship awards. Peterson’s scholarship database has articles and test prep resources to help you begin your search. It also offers search filters that make it easy to find scholarships that suit your needs.


When it comes to finding scholarships, FastWeb is unmatched. The site allows you to register for free and browse scholarships by type, deadline, and amount. You can even apply for scholarships with no application fee. The database matches students to scholarships based on their personal qualities, so you’ll get more accurate results with fewer applications. Fastweb is also completely free to use and never sells your information. Once you register, you’ll be notified about new scholarships and deadlines before you even apply.

The site works by letting you search scholarships by defining your interests, career goals, and job hopes. Once you’ve matched your interests and goals, you’ll see which scholarships match your profile. You can change your profile if you’d like to find more. You can also choose whether or not to opt in to Fastweb’s email list. While this is helpful to FastWeb’s advertising partners, it may end up annoying you.


There are countless sites on the Internet, but Unigo is by far the most popular one. The site hosts millions of scholarships and allows you to search for scholarships by category, type, or personal profile. It also has scholarship sweepstakes and contests, making it a great site for those who want to win free money. Peterson’s is another great site that offers scholarships – they hold $10 billion in scholarships, which you can search for by topic, zip code, and personal details.

While many other sites are focused on scholarship applications, Unigo’s business-to-education model makes it easier to search for and apply for scholarships. It bridges the gap between the student profile and the college identity, helping students find the right school and get the best scholarships possible. Through this service, students can also land jobs and find scholarships. Unigo offers a free account, as well as a Premium School Profiles feature where schools can connect with students.


You’ll find more than $1 billion in scholarship awards on the Peterson’s website. It has a scholarship search tool that filters available awards based on your ethnicity, field of study, and state of residence. You can also browse scholarship resources based on your major, career path, or gender. If you’re looking for scholarship money to pay for college, Peterson’s is the site for you.

Unigo hosts millions of scholarships, internships, and financial aid opportunities from over 2,200 colleges and universities. It has an easy-to-use interface, and it is organized by category. Students can also participate in scholarship sweepstakes or contests to win free money. Peterson’s is the largest scholarship search engine, with more than $10 billion in scholarship opportunities. You can filter your search results by topics, college types, and personal details.

College Board claims to have the largest database of scholarships. You must register for an account to use this website. Once you do, you can filter awards by year of school, scholarship amount, GPA, ethnicity, and more. You can even search for renewable scholarships, which will provide you with funding for several years. However, this site is more difficult to navigate than the College Board’s database. To use this site, you need to have a high school diploma or GPA.

Scholarship Search is a good place to start your search for scholarships. It lists approved and current scholarships, and new scholarships are added every day. You can also create a profile and edit it as needed. By using Scholarship Search, you can then be matched with scholarships based on your interests and skills. You can also sign up for email alerts that will notify you of matching scholarship opportunities. This feature is particularly useful if you are applying for scholarships from multiple sources.


You can find hundreds of different scholarship programs and information on financial aid on CollegeNet. Scholarships are typically for a specific college and program, and you can narrow your search by major and deadline. You can also choose to apply for niche-specific and minority scholarships. These categories include scholarships for children, veterans, and others. CollegeNet is a good resource for finding scholarships, and you can even create an account and search for specific scholarship programs by gender, sexual orientation, or ethnicity.

You can browse through these scholarships by college and award amount. CollegeNet is particularly useful for those with limited funds because it is organized by colleges. In addition, there is an easy-to-use database with college profiles. Nevertheless, it has a large amount of spam. This makes it unfriendly for those who want to find scholarships without entering personal information. However, if you are looking for a scholarship that’s gender-specific, CollegeNET might be the best site to check.


Founded as an online textbook store, Chegg has expanded into a scholarship matching service after acquiring scholarship match service Zinch in 2011. With over $1 billion in scholarships to choose from, the site is a great resource for students looking to fund their college education. The site offers a simple interface and a category for the “top scholarship picks of the week.” You can even find scholarships that are worth up to $2,500!

Unlike some other scholarship search sites, Chegg lists over a million scholarships, making it one of the largest databases of scholarship opportunities available. It connects students to funding opportunities across multiple platforms, and lists hundreds of them. The database is constantly being updated, and the site caters to students of many backgrounds. There are scholarship opportunities for high school students as well as college students, and a searchable database makes it easy to narrow down the search to the specific type of scholarship you’re interested in.