How to Write a Scholarship Application Essay

how to write scholarship application essay

The first step in figuring out how to write a scholarship application essay is to decide on the topic. Sometimes, essay prompts provide the students with complete freedom to write about anything they like. If so, write about something that you care about, such as a meaningful event or value. Writing about something you care about is much more compelling. This is true for any scholarship application essay. Below are some tips to keep in mind while writing your scholarship essay.

Avoid common cliches

There is one way to ensure your scholarship application essay will be read by the committee: don’t use cliches. These overused phrases have been used so much that they’ve been done to death. Instead, stick to the topic given. For example, if the scholarship application requires you to write about your time as a track and field athlete, don’t use the cliche “I enjoy being on the track.”

Another way to avoid cliches is to avoid overusing cliche topics. Although these topics are widely used, there’s a good chance that you’ll find an original angle on them. For example, if your mission trip to Africa was an experience that helped you learn something new, then focus on your learning experience and how it was unique to you. Besides, it will also set you apart from other essays.

Don’t quote others

Don’t quote others in your scholarship application essays. Many students make the mistake of using a list of quotes as the opening of their essay. This approach is not recommended, as it may come across as staged and unoriginal. Instead, focus on the prompt given and be yourself. Then, add quotes as your conclusion, but never in the beginning or end. Here are some tips to make your scholarship essays stand out from the rest.

Be original. Don’t repeat information that’s already on your resume. Instead, include personal experiences that distinguish you from other applicants. It may be difficult to share your struggles, but they will help you show your perseverance. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable about hardships, but always remember to stay positive. By following these tips, you’ll be on your way to a scholarship. If you’re writing a scholarship application essay, it’s crucial to be original.

Don’t write a complete autobiography

While writing an autobiography is an appealing topic for a scholarship application essay, it is important to stick to the rules of the genre. The scholarship committee will evaluate your ability to follow the rules of the scholarship, which means that you should focus on one central event or personality trait, not a full autobiography. Moreover, it is likely that you won’t have enough words to tell the whole story in only 500 words. Instead, focus on one event, personality trait, hobby, or aspiration that exemplifies your interests and abilities.

As a general rule, you should begin your autobiography essay with a topic that appeals to you. Brainstorming is still a good idea when writing an autobiography essay. Using a title generator like PapersOwl can help you find an interesting title, correct grammar errors, and rewrite sentences that are unclear or incoherent. Then, edit the essay to make it as interesting as possible.

Focus on a central incident

When writing a scholarship application essay, focus on a central incident in your life. It is best to start with a short introduction to yourself and your educational status, then get to the meat of your essay. There is often no room for a long introduction, so focus on a single central incident and make it as clear as possible. Your scholarship application essay should not mention the scholarship itself, but the benefits of obtaining it.

The essay prompt may provide a certain theme or central incident, so you can write about this. It is best to choose a subject, event, or value that you are deeply passionate about. If you care about your topic, you will be more likely to produce high-quality work. Moreover, your scholarship essay will be more impactful when you focus on a central incident. By following this advice, you can be assured of a high grade.

Don’t take a stance on a cause you believe in

It can be tempting to take a stance on a cause in your scholarship application essay, but this is a mistake you should avoid. Instead, focus on the scholarship’s purpose and tailor your response to it. While it may seem uncomfortable at first, your previous successes and accomplishments can be powerful proof that you are a strong candidate for the scholarship.

Your scholarship application essay should relate to what you want to achieve or do for the community. This means stating how the scholarship will help you achieve that goal or contribute to the community in some way. Remember, donors want to know that their money is being spent wisely. So, before you write your scholarship essay, think about what you want to do and how the scholarship will help you achieve those goals.

Show emotion

If you want to make your scholarship application essay stand out, show emotion. Scholarship committees are not looking for perfect students, but they want to see how you have grown over the years. Sharing your fears and experiences shows maturity and self-awareness. Jesus’ winning scholarship essay explains a difficult time in his life. A strong essay shows emotion and shows the reader that the writer is a real person. This is an important scholarship essay tip!

Remember that the scholarship committee wants the best candidate possible. Don’t try to be everything they want you to be, as that can come across as unappealing. Focus on your own qualities and strengths instead of catering to what they want. Your voice and personality are essential, so make sure you show it! You can use ProWritingAid to help you avoid embarrassing mistakes. Be sure to include a powerful reason for why you need this scholarship and explain how you will use the money.